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Gaza Information from an Erie Benedictine Oblate

Submitted by nozorak on December 27, 2023

Without me taking sides, the situation in Gaza, as you know, turned from horrific to catastrophic, anywhere within the 40 kilometre Gaza Strip. Since early December, I didn’t have contact with most of people there due to bombings and internet blackouts. Just yesterday I received a short message from my former student that they ended up in the middle bombings in the centre of Gaza City, and even in the “safe zone” where their church is, they are slowly dying.

9/11/23 - An Update on Ukraine

Submitted by nozorak on September 11, 2023

Today is the 75th anniversary of the uprising in Poland. Three Benedictine Sisters had to hide in the basement of a Church which they made into a safe-haven, a clinic for the wounded.  From the beginning they knew they were going to die. They made a promise: they would give their lives for the success of the uprising and freedom for Poland. The Nazis bombed the Church. The Sisters who made this sacrifice died at this time.