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Gaza Information from an Erie Benedictine Oblate

Submitted by nozorak on December 27, 2023

Without me taking sides, the situation in Gaza, as you know, turned from horrific to catastrophic, anywhere within the 40 kilometre Gaza Strip. Since early December, I didn’t have contact with most of people there due to bombings and internet blackouts. Just yesterday I received a short message from my former student that they ended up in the middle bombings in the centre of Gaza City, and even in the “safe zone” where their church is, they are slowly dying. The winter is coming, they now have zero food and water, they are exhausted and one of the siblings was wounded by a shrapnel. While the world is tossing ideas around, the suffering for these innocent people is so unbearable that even the brightest and most optimistic ones are feeling broken. In the words of my student to survive is “this is beyond our abilities” and they are prepared to perish. Hearing these words from an 18 year-old who had his future in front of him just 3 months ago is gut wrenching and it makes me believe that the humanity failed. 


If they make out alive it would be nothing short of a miracle and I will keep trying to find them as much help as humanly possible. 


Please hold the people of Gaza in prayer.   

Consider contacting your legislators and the White House.  Call for a cease fire in Gaza. 

Thank you! 

Sr. Ann