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Borrempalem, India

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Fr Yesudasu Gorre is a Parish Priest at St John's Orphanage in Borrempalem, India. AIM-USA has worked with him to support his efforts in the community.


I am happy to give you the details of my work and my mission. Borrampalem is 28 years mission parish in the diocese of Eluru.  It is a rural parish far away from diocesan headquarters and at the end of West Godavari district. People are very poor materially and financially but rich in faith.

This village was left behind and uncared for pastorally and sacramentally for the past few years. It is very clear when I look at the situation of present Catholics whose faith is at risk due to false preaching and heresies. Still, people are gathering to discuss and to pray over these situations, a sign of stability in their faith.
To build faith within the community, I organize pastoral programs to enrich faith.

1. Create an atmosphere of God’s presence always amidst them

2. Teach the rich meaning of Catholicism

3. Enable individuals to be a living witness to the Body of Christ

4. Bring back the lost sheep

5. Generate a sense of community

6. Make individuals charismatic Christians in the modern world

7. Show the path that leads them to the Way, the Truth and the Life

8. Build confidence to feel the presence of Christ

9.  Educate regarding the real presence of Christ in Eucharist, the values of Catholicism, and holy mass

10.  Prepare people to receive all the sacraments

11.  Lead a life of grace through sacraments and sacramentals.

12.  Develop strength in the faith and teaching of catholic church


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Children's Camps

Children lead very busy lives with their studies daily. Every morning at 8 A.M., they go to school and return twelve hours later. They have no time to learn about the Bible or catechism of Catholic Church. Some are studying in hostels and boarding homes due to a lack of educational facilities at their proper villages. They return home for holiday according to semester.

I take the opportunity that holidays provide to conduct three-day children's camps twice in a year. My goal is to teach the catechism of the Catholic Church, the holy mass prayers, the values of life, etc. During this time, I prepare children for first communion and confirmation and arrange time for them to make confessions.

All these activities are more fruitful in the lives of children. To encourage them every year to participate the camp, I provide items such as gifts, Bibles, notebooks, and school uniforms.

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Gatherings for Families

Family is the first school where children are taught first catechism, Catholic faith, and Christian values. I observe many families with internal conflict, and young men and women enter marriage with a lack of understanding to the commitment they have made.

Twice a year, I organize gatherings for families with classes on faith and navigating married life. I screen documentaries to inspire them and conduct games to build unity and understanding.

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Distributing Holy Bibles and Mokshadwarams (Liturgical Prayers and Songs)

People in my region are very poor. They depend on their daily wages for their livelihood and cannot buy religious texts.

Reading the Bible will enable people to more active and vibrant in their faith activities. By distributing these bibles and mokshadwarams, I are providing an opportunity for people to listen to God.
Catechists Formation Programs

Catechists in mission stations are always at the service of others. Since it is not possible for me to go to every village on every Sunday, they conduct the Sunday service and preach the word of God. They help me in the pastoral, educational and evangelization programs, lead prayers before holy mass, and recite the Holy Rosary.


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Care of Children
There are 55 poor and orphan children in St John’s orphanage, while 145 poor and semi-orphaned children reside in the Borrampalem mission. 
Your financial support helped them to continue their studies and eat good food. With the pandemic, I feared that I could not educate them and feed them with good food, but your generosity helped us get through.

These children are studying in English schools where the policy regarding the payment of school fee is flexible according to an individual's economic situation. Fees can be paid across two semesters. Making the payments has been a challenge, but by the grace of God I have paid in the beginning of academic year with your kind support and help.

Notebooks are a necessity for homework and lessons. Normally, in children need to buy these supplies during the beginning of academic year. With your help I have bought these notesbooks and other study materials. School uniforms have also been acquired for them.

 Finally, with your kind support children, the children eat good food every day, and a strong supply of toiletries has been acquired.