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Meet Asian Monasteries

  • Fr Yesudasu Gorre is a Parish Priest at St John's Orphanage in Borrempalem, India. AIM-USA has worked with him to support his efforts in the community.


    I am happy to give you the details of my work and my mission. Borrampalem is 28 years mission parish in the diocese of Eluru.  It is a rural parish far away from diocesan headquarters and at the end of West Godavari district. People are very poor materially and financially but rich in faith.

    This village was left behind and uncared for pastorally and sacramentally for the past few years. It is very clear when I look at the situation of present Catholics whose faith is at risk due to false preaching and heresies. Still, people are gathering to discuss and to pray over these situations, a sign of stability in their faith.
    To build faith within the community, I organize pastoral programs to enrich faith.

    1. Create an atmosphere of God’s presence always amidst them

    2. Teach the rich meaning of Catholicism

  • Ashir Bhavan Priory is located in Bhopal, India.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, our congregation sisters are out surveying the local containment areas, to identify COVID patients.

    We have distributed and continue to distribute provisions such as masks, gloves and hand wash to the poor and the needy.

    All our communities and our NGO [Perana Service Society] also participate in this venture.

    Photos show how the monastery has adapted its practices during COVID-19.

    Please keep the Priory in your prayers and we assure you of our prayerful support.

    Benedictine Sisters of St. Lioba, Ashir Bhavan Priory, Bhopal, India.

    Ashir Bhavan Priory Outreach Photo 1

    Ashir Bhovan Priory Outreach Photo 2

    Ashir Bhavan Priory Outreach Photo 3

    Ashir Bhavan Priory Outreach Photo 4

    Click here to see how the monastery has adapted its practice during COVID-19.