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Book and Subscription Service (Cultural Services Program)

AIM USA sends quality books to developing monasteries: books on spirituality, monasticism, the Rule of Benedict and commentaries, prayer, liturgy, sacraments, biblical studies, theology, the saints, social justice, spiritual classics, Cistercian studies, and spiritual direction are of value to communities who have no access to books except through AIM USA. They do not have access to public libraries or a source from which to buy books or funds to purchase.

  • AIM USA provides developing monasteries with subscriptions to biblical, liturgical, and Benedictine periodicals, as well as online workshops on formation.


if you have books to donate, please call or email us before sending: 
(814) 453-4724

Postal Address:

Alliance for International Monasticism
345 East 9th Street,
Erie, PA 16503-1107


Monastics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America need:

• Commentaries on the Rule of St. Benedict
• Scripture Commentaries 
• Theology books with a copyright date of 2000 or later are preferable.

• Any Catholic Spanish, French, or Portuguese language spirituality or theology book with a copyright date of 2000 or later.

Examples of book titles, authors and topics of special interest:

— B —
Benedict of Nursia, Saint
Benedictine Monasticism
Benedictine Holy Rule and Commentaries
Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint (by or about him)
Bibles (in good condition)
Bockman, Aquinata, OSB (not histories of monasteries)

— C —
Casey, Michael, OCSO
Cassian, John (by or about him)
Chittister, Joan, OSB
Cistercian Monks (by or about them, not histories) 

— D —
Desert Mothers & Fathers
DeVogue, Adalbert, OSB
Diekmann, Godfrey, OSB
Dialogues of Gregory the Great
Dumm, Demetrius, OSB

— F —
Funk, Margaret Mary ,OSB

— G —
Gregory the Great

— H —
Hildegard of Bingden, OSB (by or about her)
Hume, Basil, OSB

— J —
Julian of Norwich (by or about her)

— K —
Kardong, Terrence, OSB
Keating, Thomas, OCSO

— L —
Lectio Divina (books about)

— M —
Marmion, Dom Columba, OSB (by or about him)
Merton, Thomas, OCSO (by or about him)

— N —
Nowell, Irene, OSB

— P —
Parry, David, OSB
Popes (Biographies, Writings)

— R —
Rippinger, Joel, OSB
Roder, Rosemary, OSB
Rule of St. Benedict: Commentaries on the Holy Rule

— S —
Sacra Pagina
Skudlarek, William, OSB
Steindl-Rast, David, OSB
Stewart, Columba, OSB
Stuhlmueller, Carroll, CP 
   Esp. commentaries on the Liturgical Year or on Scripture
   New Paths Through the Old Testament
Swan, Laura, OSB

— T —
Teilhard de Chardin

— V —
Valente, Judith, OBL

— U —
Upton, Julia, RS