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AIM USA Mass Stipends

Do you have a loved one, living or deceased, whom you’d like remembered in a special way?

Consider having a Mass said for them through AIM USA. Your donation in the form of a Mass stipend will be sent to a developing monastery where the Mass for your loved one will be offered. Choosing to honor someone special in this way also helps developing monasteries meet their needs.


These are words of gratitude for Mass stipends received from monasteries around the world:

  • For Masses offered at a Benedictine monastery of sisters in Angola the stipends are used to “buy hosts, altar wine, and breviaries for new members.”
  • “It is important that we receive Mass stipend money to help buy medicines and pay doctors,” from a community in Argentina.
  • “The priests who come to our monastery say Mass for us. They use the money for petro and maintenance of the car,” say sisters in Brazil.
  • “The Mass stipends help us to get retreat leaders and formation speakers,” from a community in Brazil.
  • “The Mass stipends will be used to repair the church and renew the pews” in Burkina Faso.
  • “The funds are used for basic needs of the community and they help the community to be open to the cries of the suffering…” says a community in Cameroon.

Mass stipends come from a variety of sources: lay people, priests, organizations, and monasteries in the United States and Canada. Parishes who receive more stipends than they are able to fulfill, are encouraged to send them to AIM USA for distribution. A Mass stipend in any amount is gratefully accepted.

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