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AIM USA Lenten Appeal 2018


AIM USA 2018 Lent AppealDear Friends,

Jesus showers his love upon us and asks that we do the same for others. With this in mind, AIM USA comes to you with its Lenten Appeal asking that you join in our mission. AIM promotes cooperation and solidarity among monasteries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

By supporting developing communities in their birth, growth, and development, the communities in turn are able to assist with the needs of the people in their surrounding areas.

During Lent, please join us in:

  1. Saying the AIM prayer each day (click here);
  2. Fasting in a special way on Wednesday and/or Friday
  3. Donating to the projects that are listed below.

Through your response to the 2018 Lenten Appeal, you will make grants possible in the following areas:

   – In Brazil formation studies will be provided for Camaldolese men and women.
   – A brother in Peru will pursue studies in theology.
   – A group of monks and nuns in the Congo will take theological classes.
   – Three brothers from the Ivory Coast will be able to study theology.
   – Two sisters in Uganda will be provided a formation course.
   – Six monks from India will study theology.
   – In the Philippines three communities of nuns will take part in a formation and retreat program.

Ecumenical Program
   – An opportunity for Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (DIM-MID) will be provided.

Community Prayer
   – Sisters in India will purchase materials for prayer for themselves and their retreat house.

Community Living
   – After an earthquake, Sisters in Mexico will be able to repair their monastery.
   – Sisters in Burkina Faso will construct a wall around their monastery for safety.

Consider the AIM USA Lenten Appeal as a project for your group (parish, prayer group, school, youth ministry); if you need prayer cards and/or envelopes, please contact us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or write. We can be reached at 814-453-4724 or

Any donation you make to this Lenten Appeal is greatly appreciated. By helping these monasteries your love and concern spreads throughout the world. Use the button below to access our secure PayPal page or send a check to AIM USA, 345 East Ninth Street, Erie, PA 16503. Thank you.



Sister Theresa Zoky, OSB
Executive Director